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Elderly Care

Keep your independence without losing your freedom

Welcome to Call4Care, a provider of unique and effective elderly care services at the touch of a button. To ensure that there is somebody there for you when you need it most, our 24/7 Response Centre is open 365 days a year. This enables you to contact us in any emergency, at any time of the day or night.

With a simple home-based alarm and panic button, connected to our Response Centre, we are just a button press away when help is needed, and are able to facilitate responses to a number of emergencies. Emergencies are never convenient. When they strike one cannot walk to a phone, dial a number, hold on and hope for a response. Often one is immobile, traumatised or weak. Imagine just pressing a button on your wrist and without doing anymore, being in audio contact with a trained care operator who can assess what is needed and can react appropriately.

Panic buttons are common to most emergency providers but they cannot determine your circumstance. Valuable minutes can be wasted while they despatch a responder to your home only to discover another response was necessary - it is only Call4Care that automatically connects into your home and can immediately listen and be heard in order to get a precise idea of what has happened and what is needed. Seconds do count in an emergency and the right response at the right moment saves lives and lessens trauma. Some scenarios include:

  • Falls: Should you fall and are unable to make your way to a telephone, or to call for help, Call4Care can assist. Simply push the button and we will get in contact with you. If you are unable to respond, we will immediately assess the situation and organise the required assistance for you.

  • Intruders: Being at home alone while intruders are trying to get in is a traumatic experience. Shock could cloud your mind and see you waste valuable seconds as you try to work out the next move. Call4Care will respond immediately at the press of a button and summon the right response immediately. Our trained care operator can listen to any noise in your home without you having to explain what is happening.

  • Panic attacks: These stressful situations should not be worsened by having to try and find help. With Call4Care, you can simply press the button, sit down, take a deep breath and wait for assistance.

We will also assist in the event of fire, heat stress, and many other problems that you may experience. Using our call system, you will deal with our friendly and highly trained staff members that are committed to helping you through any situation. The best part about this system is that it allows you to continue living independently without having to constantly rely on your children or friends. For children with elderly parents, this will also eliminate the day-to-day stress of worrying about your loved ones being alone at home.

We have an intimate understanding of the unique needs in emergency elderly care, and by focusing on superior service, we will give you the freedom to keep your independence.


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"I felt my wife was slipping into unconsciousness. It was touch and go. Had it not been for Call4Care she would not be here today. The medics stabilized her before taking her by ambulance to hospital. Today she is baking me a cake!!"
A Rathfelder resident May 2009
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